Simple Tips for Designing A Bedroom (When You’re A New Couple!)


When your relationship moves to the next level, it’s time to begin planning your bedroom design ideas for married couples

Planning a bedroom together is different than planning one for yourself. You’ll have a few things to consider, such as your choice of mattress, bedding, paint and color schemes, decor themes and more, but you’re trying to make all these decisions while pleasing two people!

◾ Mattress; This is probably where you will run into the most trouble. Since most people have differing sleep requirements, you might find it difficult to agree on firmness levels. To make the shopping experience easier, start with a list of things you CAN agree on, such as mattress size, your budget, and a list of preferred brands. Then when you get to the things that are more difficult to navigate, you’ll have a list to help you focus and to remind you of common ground.

◾ Bedding; Choosing bedding as part of your new couple bedroom design should include focus on colors and patterns that are not overly feminine or masculine so they are pleasing to both parties. Try opting for a quality set in a bold, solid color, or soft neutrals. Nature patterns can also be very gender neutral.

◾ Paint Color; Just as with bedding, you want something that you both enjoy. However, you’re not stuck with a rainbow of beige, grays, blues, greens, and other earth tones can be flatter to many themes and accent palettes!

◾ Theme; Choosing a theme will give your room and decorations direction. It can be something as simple as “jewel tones” or something as in depth as “seaside retreat.”

No matter what choices you make, bear in mind that the room is for both parties and should be mutually enjoyable! Compromising is a must, and decorations can be changed!

This is supposed to be a time of excitement in your relationship, and if you approach your new couple bedroom design as an adventure, you’re bound to have more fun!